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"Let's go catch some fish!"
My Satisfaction Guarantee:

I, Captain Little Jim Fesperman will do everything in my power to ensure you have an enjoyable day on
the water. While I will try to target your fish of choice, please understand that fish are fish and they don't
always co-operate with us, the fisherman. The feeding habits of fish are influenced by many factors such
as the wind or the absence of wind and direction, tides phase and strength, water temperature, clouds,
rain and the sun or lack thereof and of course the moon phase. Plus, all the other hundreds of excuses
fishermen use for not catching fish.

As anglers, we are not infallible. No one can guarantee that we will always perform well enough to hook,
fight and land every fish that bites our bait. Therefore, I cannot guarantee you will catch fish each and
every time you fish a charter with me or any other fishing guide.

I do promise you that I will do my very best giving 110 % at all times to provide you every opportunity to
catch the fish of a lifetime and have a most enjoyable and successful fishing trip.

If the fishing gods dictate that we should not catch a fish during our day on the water and you feel that I
have kept my bargain as stated above you may book another day of your choice free or you owe me

If at the end of the day you feel that I have not done my very best and you didn't enjoy your day, you
owe me nothing!

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